Pursuant to Art. 5 Para. 1 of the Liechtenstein E-Commerce Act [E-Commerce-Gesetz] (Liechtenstein Law Gazette [LGBl] 2003/133) we herewith disclose the following information:

The responsible supervisory authority for Consilia Anstalt is the LIECHTENSTEIN FINANCIAL MARKET AUTHORITY.
Consilia Anstalt is a member of the LIECHTENSTEIN TRUSTEES ASSOCIATION and is subject to the disciplinary authority of the Princely Court of Appeal.
Consilia Anstalt is a limited share corporation registered with the Liechtenstein Public Register under the registration number FL-0002.333.168-8 and the value added tax number 57377.

Consilia Anstalt
Marktgass 11
LI-9490 Vaduz

Tel + 423 388 28 88
Mob + 41 79 359 13 53

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